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Who I am

Officiant for weddings – I enjoy turning every civil ceremony into a special moment.

Hi, I’m Carmen and I dedicate myself to officiating wedding ceremonies. Yes, I’m a master of ceremonies.

Besides liking weddings, I am an officiant for a simple reason: I enjoy close relationships with people and I am passionate about helping couples plan the most special day of their lives.

I am a qualified engineer, but I have worked in the commercial and human relations world for many years. Thanks to this I have developed the tools that today allow me to celebrate weddings in a unique way: with empathy, affection for the couple, joy and serenity. Celebrations have always been part of my professional career. I have organized children’s shows, corporate events and decorating for different sectors.

In providing the service of wedding officiant, I turn all my energy to achieving a wedding ceremony to suit the taste of the couple. I understand the meaning of the ceremony and I understand that each couple wants a celebration adapted to their personality. I can help the couple build a spiritual or traditional wedding, formal or informal, jocular or serious, entertaining or avant-garde. How do you want it? I can give any approach keeping the illusion and romanticism of the moment.

My strategy for officiating personalized wedding ceremonies is simple: I get emotionally involved with couples, converse with both to know what they want and I convey peace of mind and confidence. But above all, I am involved in the preparation of each moment because I love to celebrate!

In Oficianteparabodas I work with a group of professionals that have only one objective: to give shape to each ceremony and turn it into an unforgettable moment, according to the style of the couple and their families.

Thanks to my team of collaborators, we can cover the different services we offer. In this way we celebrate in several languages, in different geographical areas and we do it with great dedication. We want the ceremony to be perfect from beginning to end!

You’re getting married? I will be honoured to be part of that exciting and momentous occasion in your life. Contact us, and we will prepare an emotional and unique ceremony!