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Ceremonias civiles y celebraciones que reflejan vuestra personalidad.

Civil ceremonies and celebrations that reflect your personality.

We organize and celebrate wedding ceremonies, with care and enthusiasm. Each event is planned from an interview with the people involved (fiancés, spouses, family), to reflect their tastes, desires and traditions. We build the celebration with your story to turn it into an original, exciting and unforgettable moment. It will be a totally personalized event!

The service includes advice, rehearsal and celebration with the speech of the master of ceremonies in the selected language. Let’s organize it together!


A wedding is the public manifestation of the love that the couple has for each other. Our civil ceremonies are symbolic, but summarize a unique moment in the relationship: when the couple make their commitment public and share with their loved ones the desire to start a life together. Have you dreamed of saying your vows? Do you want to incorporate a special ritual that makes the moment even more significant?

Everything is possible. It is your ceremony! You can choose the tone of the celebration (serious, formal, romantic, fun) and invite family and friends to participate in it with you


Anniversaries of 50 and 25 years of marriage are a special event because they celebrate the love IMG_2464 that has withstood the passage of time and has strengthened along the way. We know that life as a couple is wonderful, but not perfect. Reaching 25 or 50 years of marriage implies that the feeling is unconditional, that stages have been passed and that the spouses are willing to do more. And that has to be celebrated!
We prepare this ceremony with some endearing moments that the couple has had together. As a master of ceremonies we build a memorable and emotional journey and the children, grandchildren and friends can join the celebration with readings, tributes and all the emotive details you would like.

The renewal of vows means that the couple reaffirms in public the promise of love they made during their wedding. It is a ceremony that is usually organized for a particular reason: to give new momentum to the relationship, after overcoming a relationship crisis, to incorporate the children, or simply … to confirm that love is still alive!
To prepare this celebration we arrange some memories of the couple, and highlight the moments that have strengthened the relationship, together with the closest family and friends. Do you want to relive your reasons to be together? Do you want to celebrate perseverance and commitment? A vow renewal is like a second wedding!

This consists of presenting the child as a new member of the family and the community. The celebration is organized as an Act of Welcome and is given a loving and enthusiastic (non-religious) approach, which seeks to share with the loved ones the commitment to educate and care for the newborn.
The ceremony includes the presentation of the child and his or her name, the preparation of readings on the rights of the child, the duties of their parents and guardians and above all, the celebration of the arrival of a new being into the world. We tell the baby that his presence is a source of joy!