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These are some of the recognitions that we have received as wedding officiants.

Every word of gratitude fills us with satisfaction and commits us to continue celebrating unique ceremonies, tailored to your wishes.

Carmen, we reiterate our gratitude for your work on our wedding day, as well as the treatment you have offered us during the months of preparation. We were happy with you! The ceremony pleased everyone. In addition, the ceremony that was all prepared and controlled by you, gives a lot of tranquillity to the couple. We will definitely recommend you at all times.
Noelia & Jonatan
Carmen, we want to thank you for the ceremony of our wedding. To express to you that we were super excited with the beautiful speech you prepared, your words came to each one of us and the guests told us that the ceremony was very emotional and beautiful. We had the fortune to meet you and count on you on this unforgettable day.
Viviana & Benoit
Carmen, thanks for everything! The wedding was great and the ceremony very, very emotional. Everyone was delighted with you and we are going to tell you! We loved meeting you and being part of everything.
Gabriel & Javi
Carmen’s professionalism is the main reason to collaborate with her. The knowledge of being, the sympathy and the closeness with which she treats the couple, family and friends makes the ceremony a unique and special moment. All the couples that have passed through our hotel agree in saying that no one could have expressed so much excitement, feelings and emotions better than her on such a special day.

Having a professional like Carmen provide such an exclusive service allows us to work calmly and confident that everything will be a success.
Raquel V.
Expert in banquets and conventions
Thank you very much for such a perfect ceremony. It has been a pleasure for us.
Alejandro & Ester
Thank you very much for everything Carmen, it was a perfect ceremony, it could not have been better.
Carlos & Eva
We like to have Carmen as a wedding officiant because our clients are always delighted. Her closeness, personalized ceremonies and staging, guarantee that the guests will be moved and will remember the great day.
Roser R.
Wedding Planner at Èxit Events
Carmen, we wanted to thank you for having contributed so specially so that our day was great.
It was an excellent ceremony, thanks to you, emotional, fun and personalized!
Both us and all our guests were amazed and delighted!
We will keep a very good memory of the day thanks to you!
Eva & Mario
I wanted to thank you with all my heart because the ceremony was perfect. You loved all the guests and that is how you knew how to make it personalized, enjoyable and emotional. Thank you!

It was a magical day to always remember and … you made it possible!
Manel & Pilar
Golden Wedding
Carmen, we want to thank you for this exceptional work. You gave joy and a lot of emotion to our day and you also have a first class team. We can only tell you that all our guests congratulated us and we pass this on to you. Without you, nothing would have been the same. Thank you!
Miguel & Meylan
We trust Carmen to give a touch of naturalness, ingenuity and personalization to the civil ceremony of our couples. Her communication skills achieve an emotional and unforgettable ceremony, as it should be. Her experience, versatility and professionalism are reflected in her ceremonies.
Raquel O.
Wedding Planner at Hotel Atenea Port
Carmen was supreme in our wedding ceremony. She creates a climate of confidence and gives us wide-spread ideas. In our case, we chose something informal and with touches of humour and we interspersed familiar anecdotes that drew more than a smile on the spot. She made it much more special and enjoyable. She is an excellent wedding officiant and we are very happy with her work!
David & Sonia