More than just officiating ceremonies,

I make them special moments.

Not only LOVE, the YES, I DO is also in the air

Officiant of civil ceremonies in the territory of Catalonia

My name is Carmen and I am an officiant of civil ceremonies.


I can help you so that your ceremony

is a special moment.

Oficiante para bodas y ceremonias civiles

The special moments are elegant, unique and exciting


the presentation

of the ceremony according to preferences of your partner and yours.

If you are elegant, your ceremony too It will not happen otherwise.


the speech

of the ceremony in agreement with your personalities.

Each ceremony must be unique since each couple is different.


as an officiant

in your ceremony to reflect the love that you feel for each other.

The emotional ceremonies reflect how much you love each other.

I officiate four types of ceremonies:

Civil Wedding

Gold and Silver Wedding Anniversaries

Renewal of Vows

Civil Baptism

Behind a ceremony there is a couple

Behind this officiant of ceremonies there is a story

My story began with a technical career.

The values related to my profession are in its first chapter:

planning, responsibility and excellence.

The story continued with a decision.

In the second chapter, I decided to combine the values of my profession with the values of my vocation:

Planning with dedication

Responsibility with empathy

Excellence with enthusiasm

Since that decision 8 years have passed

Since I started working as an officiant of civil ceremonies, the same values continue to characterize my work.

The only difference is that now I have 8 years of experience in the wedding sector and I really want to continue expanding it.

Why have I decided to dedicate myself to my vocation, without giving up the values of my profession?

I have decided because I believe in the power of a “YES” and in the force of an  “I DO

A YES has the power to bring us closer to change. In my case, without having said YES to the change, I would not have this story.

I DO want to continue turning ceremonies into special moments. That is my mission and that mission is the driving force behind my work.

Would you like to know more about me?

Find out what “YES, I DO” want and keep in mind my “NO, THANKS

I say “YES, I DO” want to:

  • Celebrate civil ceremonies
  • Help couples of different backgrounds or ages
  • Work with clients who value my help

I say “NO, THANKS” to:


  • Performing religious ceremonies
  • Helping those couples who judge, discriminate or do not accept differences
  • Working with clients who are not convinced that my help is valuable

What they say about me:

My story does not end with a wedding, but rather in a wedding

According to the song, love is in the air.

In my opinion, the “YES, I DO” is also in the air.

Ask me for help and together we will land it.

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